Our Mission

Establish solid and long term relationships between importers and small - medium coffee farmers in Guatemala. 

Transparency, quality and long term relationships with coffee roasters will help the special coffee farmers in Guatemala get a better and fair price that will create a sustainable business for both parts.
The result of this will be
quality coffee for better price that will benefit the final consumer and will increase the consumption of special coffee.

About Jose Corado (Joalco founder) 

Hi, I was born in May of 1988, I am second generation of coffee farmers in north-east Guatemala.  

Some years ago, coffee was not my only world, so I decided to become an industrial engineer. After finishing my bachelor degree I worked for the family business and in the phone industry in Guatemala. After this  I decided to make a big turn in my life. In 2013 I traveled to Moscow, Russia to take a master degree in International Marketing. It was in Russia were my interest for coffee grew again, I saw  how coffee was treated and respected for so many people all over Europe. I wanted to learn more about the coffee culture in Europe, so I started  to research about coffee and more specific on how to introduce Guatemalan Coffee to Russia. 

In 2016, after finished my studies in Moscow, love and life took me to Norway, where I am lucky to work with special coffee every day. At the moment I work as a manager and head barista in a small coffee shop in Kristiansand, Norway. My job has given me the chance to learn more about coffee culture in Scandinavia and meet important people in the coffee industry all over Europe. 

Having this constant contact with coffee every day, in October 2016 I decided to found Joalco. At the beginning my only dream was to bring my family coffee into Norway but in the road towards that goal, I saw another opportunity to relocate Guatemalan coffee in the mind of special coffee roasters in Europe that treat coffee as an art (the same way I do). 



Some personal achievements: 

  • SCA World Coffee Education Program
  • 2017 & 2018 Judge in South Barista Championship of Norway
  • 2017 Judge in Norwegian Barista National Competition 
  • Professional Barista Certificate - Madison Oslo, Norway 
  • Industrial Engineering - Rafael Landivar University - Guatemala                                   
  •  Master degree in International Marketing Peoples Friendship University                               Moscow, Russia